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November 16, 2018

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LATyCAR is the Latin American and Caribbean Masters Swimming Championships. Bermuda has been participating in the bi-annual LATYCAR meets since 1995. This year was the first time that the competition was open to All Americas. BMSA organized the Bermuda team trip to LATyCAR 2005, which was held in Sao Paulo, Brasil. The team was 11 people strong, made up of Ann Maule, Margaret Marshall, Susan Pitt, Brenda McLean, Colleen Nelson, Lesley Balcombe, Annette Budge, Ian Maule, Paul DeGiulio, Duncan Newby and Trevor Nicholls.

Date: October 10 through 15, 2005

.....Post-Meet Press Release - 15 October 2005.....
BMSA places 11th in the Combined team scores out of 105 teams.

.....Post-Meet Press Release - Day Four - 13 October 2005.....
Thursday began with Annette Budge winning silver in the 35-59 200 metres breaststroke in a time of 3:27.43.

Five swimmers competed in the 100 metres freestyle: Brenda McLean finished eighth in the 50-54 age group while Sue Pitt was seventh in the 55-59 category. The men fared better with Ian Maule cruising to a 1:04.67 finish to claim sixth place, while Paul DiGiulio also finished sixth in the 45-49 category in 1:05.76. Duncan Newby earned a bronze medal in the 50-54 age group with a time of 1:12.00.

Margaret Marshall was the sole Bermudian to attempt the 200 butterfly and her efforts earned her a silver medal.

In the 50 backstroke, Trevor Nicholls earned a silver medal in the 70-74 age group, while Brenda McLean finished fifth, and Duncan Newby fourth in his age group, 50-54.

It was a long wait for those of us competing in the 400 freestyle, as the meet was running an hour late and it was getting hotter and hotter. Ann Maule won silver in her category 70-74, Colleen Nelson won her fifth gold medal in a time of 6:09.86 and Annette Budge was second in the 35-59 category in 5:35.17. Ian Maule was seventh in the 40-44 category in a time of 5:29.09 and Paul DiGiulio won gold in the 45-59 age group in a time of 5:03.54.

.....Post-Meet Press Release - Day Three - 12 October 2005.....
The Bermuda team of eleven is pretty tired after four days of individual competition, but thrilled with the results. The weather has been getting hotter and hotter, but without the humidity of Bermuda. And this is springtime in Sao Paulo. Today it was 37 celsius on the street. The pool is an old pool, but producing some great times.

On day three of the competition, four swimmers competed in the 200 individual medley. First up was Margaret Marshall who earned her first medal of the meet in the 60-65 age group, a bronze. Lesley Balcombe was in the pool next and her time of 2:59.34 was good enough for gold in the 40-44 category. Annette Budge swam to a 3:07.87, and a bronze medal. The only male in this event was Paul DiGiulio who won silver in his age group, 45-49, with a time of 2.51.62.

Colleen Nelson and Brenda McLean competed in the 50 breaststroke, with times of 42.07 and 50.49. Colleenīs time earned her a third meet record in the 55-59 category.

Ann Maule also set a new meet record for her age group, 70-74, in the 100 butterfly in a time of 2:05.77. She is threatening to attempt the 200 butterfly in two years time! Margaret Marshall also swam this event, finishing fourth. Chris Smith won the mensī 70-74 100 fly in 2:02.05.

Sue Pitt finished seventh in the 55-59 age group in the 50 metres freestyle. Ann Maule won bronze in her category with a time of 48.03, and Ian, her son, finished tenth in the menīs 40-44 category with a time of 29.30.

The last event of the day was the 200 backstroke which gave both Lesley Balcombe and Chris Smith gold medals. Lesleyīs time was 3:04.26 and Chrisīs time of 3:49.90 was a new meet record.

.....Post-Meet Press Release - Day Two - 11 October 2005.....
We had another great day in the pool today. And it was much warmer early in the day so we did not feel so freezing once we had finished warm-ups.

First event was the 100 breaststroke, starting with Colleen, in the 55-59 category, as they swim women first then oldest to youngest. Colleen got a gold medal for her swim of 1:36.84, one second slower than her best time of last year. Then Brenda McLean, 50-54, was in the next heat finishing in fourth place with a time of 1:52.98. Trevor Nicholls also swam this event in the 70-74 age group finishing in second place.

Next in the pool was the 50 metres butterfly with Ann Maule turning in a stellar performance finishing in 54.11, earining a gold medal and setting a new meet record, taking 5 seconds off the previous meet record. Lesley Balcombe also swam in the women~s 40-44 age group, finishing fifth with a time of 35.95. Margaret Marshall finished fourth and Duncan Newby also finished fourth in the 50-54 age group with a time of 34.13.

Two swimmers competed in the 100 back, Lesley Balcombe won silver in a time of 1:24.59 and Duncan Newby finished fifth in his age group with a time of 1:24.29.

The 200 freestyle was the next event with Ann Maule winning a bronze medal, Colleen Nelson also won another gold in a new meet record of 2:55.41. Chris Smith and Trevor nicholls were second and sixth respectively in this event in the 70-74 age group. Paul DiGiulio won silver in the 45-59 age group in a time of 2:22.58, and Ian Maule was fifth in the 40-44 category with a time of 2:26.36. The Bermuda team marched in the opening ceremonies and had lots of pictures taken of us. A good time is being had by all and the Brazilians are fabulous hosts.

.....Post-Meet Press Release - Day One - 10 October 2005.....
We had a great start to the 5 day meet today. The weather has been variable, with some hot days, but today was much cooler and after warm-us between 7and 8am we were freezing, it was actually about 23 Celsius, but we aren't used to that! The first event was the 400 Individual medley. Margaret Marshall, 61, was our first swimmer to race and she finished a creditable fourth place in her age group. Lesley Balcombe, 40, also swam this event with a great time of 6:37.94, which earned her first place and our first gold medal of the meet. Annette Budge also swam this event finishing second in the 35-39 age group.

Sue Pitt, 59 and Colleen Nelson, 56 both competed in the 800 metres freestyle. Sue finished in seventh place while Colleen took 21 seconds off her previous best time to set a new meet record in a time of 12:42.45 and also, of course, a gold medal. Three men swam the 800 freestyle. Chris Smith, 73, was second in the men~s 70-74 age group. Ian Maule bettered his time ffrom the previous Latycar meet in Barbados to finish fourth in the ~40-44 age group, while Paul de Giulio finished in 10:30.82 to take gold in the 45-49 age group.

Click here to go to the official LATYCAR website.

Chris Smith has been keeping track of the Bermuda swimmer's performances at LATYCAR meets since 1995. Below is a link to the spreadsheet listing the fastest time recorded by a swimmer representing Bermuda for each event at LATYCAR.

Bermuda LATYCAR Records